Eolomarine Group

Eolomarine Group sells the historic boats Eolo, at the forefront of the Italian and European nautical market since 1971 and since 2013 has taken an important step by creating a joint venture with the Italian shipyard “AS Marine Italia”, that is present on the Italian and European market from several years . This union was born from the idea to improve the sales network, offering a larger number of models of boats, to limit an indiscriminate increase in costs and to improve control over the quality of the boats, which will be increasingly

The brand Eolo (www.nadirmarine.com) is among the top of the Italian pleasure crafts and is known for its unique style and quality guaranteed for over 40 years. After the union with AS Marine Italia (www.asmarine.it) we offer more than 20 models from 5.00 m to 8.30 m length in versions Open, Day, Cabin, Walk Around and Fishing .


We offer a wide selection of boats, suitable both for sale and rental. Our models range from refined boats with cured characteristics, that are ideal to enjoy a relaxing day with your family or friends, to sport models of boats designed for fishing enthusiasts. Currently our boats are present not only on the Italian market, but also in Europe, USA and China.

The Nautical Shipyard

Our shipyard, the administrative and the commercial offices are located in Sant’Agata di Militello (Messina). Here is carried out the whole process from the production to the marketing and sale of the boats.


Our engineers and technical staff create the design and take care of the planning of the models.
They supervise the work of our skilled workers that take care of the creation of the moulds in fiberglass and then the artifacts of the boats and their equipment with accessories.
In the equipment department our carpenters and finishings can customize the boats according to the needs and demands of our customers.


Starting from this season (2014-2015) Nadirmarine srl has decided to extend the warranty on the structure of its boats from 2 to 5 years.
The winning formula of the Group Eolo-As Marine Italia has always been the production 100% made in Italy which allows us to export our products abroad with pride and gratification.

Top Quality

The brands Eolo and AS Marine use the best materials on the market, in order to guarantee our customers the highest quality.